First off, I apologize to the people that came here to follow a comic review blog. I completely apologize if these past couple of post suck ass and have not interested you, I really do, but I got something today that will help make both my winey teenage internet persona happy and the people that want something involving comics being put up here.


As you can tell, Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern Coast hard.I went to class today and I heard a different story from everyone. Someone told me someone stole gas right out of their truck, others told me that they lost their whole house in a matter of moments. I want people to see not just the stories that are posted on the news, but I want the people that were there to have the chance to tell their story of what happened to them. Me saying I want just New Yorkers to post to this was dumb, real dumb. Hell, did your family member come to Jersey to help out from states away? That rules, send me these stories. “But Comical Reviews guy, what does this have to do with comics?”. Great thing you asked that voice in my head, in return for that I will get together people from the art community to help me illustrate a comic to accompany your story. This does sound crazy, but hell, I got nothing going on I might as well try to do this.


Email me with the subject “Comical Review’s Sandy Stories” @ (These stories can be completely¬†anonymous if you want them to be, please include if you want that to happen)

Not all of these stories have to be about loses, keep in mind that during these events, the best types of people shine. If there was something that made your day during this, submit it to this and I will try my best to make this happen. I really hope I can get this going as a web series.

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